Generate API Key

With the launch of Free Sitemaps new API, you can crawl any website of your choice or generate a sitemap using our API. Our API is free to use with a key and does not have any request limits. For more information about requests, endpoints and responses, visit our API Reference.

To use our free API, you first need to generate an API key. Generating an API key requires nothing more than a valid email address. Note: You cannot use the same email address to generate multiple API keys. Once you have generated your API key, you may begin making requests to our endpoints.

To get your free API key, enter your email address in the input box above and click "START". Make sure the email you entered is valid and can receive emails. Once your API key is generated, a message will appear telling you that your key has been successfully generated.

Check your email address for an email from "". Your API key will be found in that email. In addition to your "Inbox" folder, please check your "Spam" and "Junk" folders for the email. Your API key will contain letters and numbers and will have the following format: "XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX". Note: Your API key is to be used as is. Do not remove the hyphens or change the captilization of any letters.

With that, your API key has been generated. You now have access to all of our user endpoints. Your next step into integrating our API would be to look into our API Reference. This will help you determine the types of requests, the returned responses, any errors, and information about the endpoints.